MIT Robot Control Hardware

Tags: eurobot, leonardo, mit, pcbs, robots

Over the years at MIT I designed a number of robot control systems for robots of all sizes.  At the low end I've built a number of simple microcontroller-based boards, while at the high end I've built boards that can run Linux or use custom processors in large FPGAs.

Some of the controllers I designed and built are shown in this picture.  On the lower-left is a PIC-based controller I built for the Eurobot 2000 competition.  The big one in the middle is a highly-extensible Linux-based controller with a DragonBall processor that I built for Eurobot 2001.  The upper-right is an 8-channel general-purpose FPSLIC-based controller that I built early on with the Robotic Life Group (now the Personal Robots Group).  The little guy in the upper-left is the brains of a 16-channel high-density controller, based on a Xilinx Verilog FPGA with a custom soft-core processor, that I built for Leonardo.